Facials & Medical Grade Chemical Peels

Professional chemical peel services in Bangor, ME

Our medical grade facials and chemical peel treatments are customized for you by your provider using SkinCeuticals and Environ products. Any life style changes since your initial consult such as; medications, diets, allergies and sun exposure may affect outcome.

Skinceuticals Peels:

Micropeel sensitive- “Red Carpet Peel” a gentle peel that you can get the same day as or the day before an event and even put makeup on the same day! 2% lactic acid, leaves the skin looking healthy and luminous.

Micropeel 20- 20% free glycolic acid. A little stronger, great for those concerned about aging and oily skin! Some dryness and flaking can be expected, but this peel has minimal downtime.

Micropeel 30- 30% free glycolic acid, a step up from micropeel 20. Minimal downtime.

Advanced Corrective Peel- The deepest peel that we offer. 14% lactic and 14% salicylic acid along with phenylethyl resorcinol. Targets pigmentation. You can expect to experience mild flaking to sheet peeling with this one. You cannot have water on your skin for 24 hours after receiving this peel.

Environ Peels:

Lactic Acid 10% cool peel- this peel has water integrated into the formula, and creates a cooling sensation as it evaporates from the skin. It is buffered, and great for those with pigmentation issues, and dry, sensitive skin. The level of exfoliation can be customized to your needs. Patients can get light flaking. Minimal downtime.

TCA 2.5% Coolpeel- again, this peel has a cooling sensation aspect to it. It can be layered to get the desired effect for the patient. They can have light to heavy flaking. This is great for acne and anti-aging.

It is important to speak with your aesthetician about what peel would be best for you. You must be careful in the sun after having a peel as it can lead to sun damage.